My Yoga teaching philosophy is simple: get moving! I teach flowing and dynamic Hatha Yoga classes or gentler versions tailored to Seniors or Beginners. During the practice students are also guided through breathing and meditation techniques, ensuring a rounded and nourishing class.

Hatha Yoga. Incorporates physical exercises and breathing techniques which aim to bring balance, strength and alignment into the body. Practiced regularly, Hatha Yoga brings an enhanced sense of wellbeing to mind and body.

Yin Yoga A slow-paced style of Yoga that works deep into the connective tissue and  aims to cultivate stillness in body and mind. The postures are held for longer periods of time, allowing blockages to free up and dissolve. Energy will flow again.

Chair Yoga.  Can’t get down onto the floor? Classic mat poses, adapted to the chair, combined with breathing and stretching exercises, will give you a well rounded practice too. Chair Yoga suits the elderly and the reconvalescents.