Boyanup Hatha Yoga

75 mins


10-Class-Pass: $100

Boyanup Senior Yoga

50 mins


10-Class-Pass: $90

Eaton Hatha Yoga

90 mins


Term Pass: $150

*Coorporate & Private 

60 / 90 mins

From $120



50 mins


Loyal 5

Issued after initial consultation.

Receive $10 off for 5th session


Relaxation Massage (Swedish)

30 mins


Relaxation Massage (Swedish)

60 mins


Loyal 5

Issued after initial consultation.

Receive $10 off for 5th session


Reflexology & Massage Bliss 

60 mins


Reflexology & Massage Bliss 

90 mins


Taylor your very own hour of bliss by combining Reflexology and Massage. Perhaps you’d like a little more massage than Reflexology or the other way around? Your wish is my pampering for you.


Need a gift for a loved one hard to buy for? 

Gift Vouchers and Wellness Packages are available at ZimmermanYoga. 


I strongly recommend that you seek medical advice before you start a new exercise regime, see me for Reflexology or a Massage treatment. I’m a trained and nationally recognised professional who strives to teach safe and respectful Yoga and carefully tailored treatments in a supportive environment. 

Upon contact, you will be screened in regards to current Covid-19 saftey measures. Every student and client must fill in a medical history form, sign a medical and Covid-19 disclaimer. Also, I will not take any responsibility if you aggravate existing injuries or illnesses.

All information collected will not be shared and kept in a safe place for seven years.

* Travel charges apply for Reflexology home visits; so for private and corporate Yoga. Please note, no home visits for massages.