Did you know that Alexander the Great, who lived 356-323 BCE and oversaw a mind-bogglingly large area from India to Egypt, employed his own massage specialist? Or that the word Gym derives from the early Greek who ran facilities for exercise and baths called Greek Gymnasias? Celsus, a Roman physician who lived into the first 50 years after the birth of Christ, wrote De Medicina. His impressive series of eight books contained all his medical knowledge, including “rubbing, brushing and applying oil to treat ailments.” Avicenna, the Arabic Physician who stood up against the powers of the Dark Age around the year 1000, produced important texts in massage therapy.

Next to other prestigious figures, two Europeans made their appearance in the 19th and early 20th century: Pehr Henrik Ling of Sweden and Johan Georg Mezger of Amsterdam. Years of study of the human body and how it responded to various manual techniques, were passed on in Pehr’s world first massage school and soon his teachigs spread all over the planet.

What we know and can enjoy today as Remedial, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, Shiatsu, Thai and so many other forms of Massage is the result of persistence and passion of many influencers who opened the path to a bright future for the massage profession and made sure that many more of us will be able to enjoy blissful hours on the table.

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