Born in a small town in Switzerland, 9 to 5 jobs never held their positions long in Ines’ life. Too structured, too boring, too mainstream. Fuelled by longer and shorter stints in Horse Training, Journalism, Business and countless other occupations in the agricultural and corporate sector, she generously took time off (or quit jobs altogether) to see the world. Around Europe by faster and slower trains, milking cows in a Kibbuz in Israel, travelling across Canada in a car that drank more oil than fuel, picking endless rows of apricots in New Zealand or apples in Holland, carried by a camel across Saharan sand dunes or having the calves rubbed on by a friendly dolphin in Australia’s Monkey Mia are just a few of the highlights. 

Her curiosity for travel, nature and vast landscapes drew her back to Australia many times. The bright and intense light, endless horizons bare of any human disturbances and roads vanishing in the distance always held a deep fascination for her. It was in Australia where she met her (also Swiss) husband and in 2007 they both settled in Western Australia. Home now is a tiny town a couple of hundred kilometres south of Perth, in the beautiful Southwest where mighty Karri, Marri and Jarrah trees meet the Indian Ocean. 

Yoga found its way into her life about 10 years ago. Again it was the desire to experience the unusual which made her signing up for Yoga Teacher Trainings in Perth and Byron Bay over East. The growing interest in the study of the human body led her to studies at Edith Cowan University in Psychology, Clinical Reflexology at Perth School of Reflexology, and Wellness Coaching at Nature Care College in Sydney. Recently she added Remedial Massage Therapy studies at South Regional TAFE in Bunbury to her cup. One that isn’t full by far, so she’s convinced. 

When not on the Yoga mat, studying muscles or working on feet, Ines enjoys time off with her husband at home, in the garden, camping, experimenting with her sewing machine or lazing around with good book and a glass of Pinot Noir.